Deafferentation; Nature Walks

The state of having an incomplete afferent connection with the central nervous system. So pop the P15 into your mouth two times a day, keeping levels below 6. This will have to be accompanied with all the flab going and lighter person. No doubts all the aunties and uncles with weight, lost it. What a genius? And the liquor chocolates with cherry inside, do they go in the bin. Life is tough and do try to bring in a balance. So it is injury of spinal cord and diabetes which lead to, no feedback going back to the brain. This is asking for too much. But then the stress and trauma are not really the reason, other than eating without control, and putting on weight. And deafferentation is the disconnection of a motor nerve from sensory components by severing the dorsal root central to the dorsal ganglion.

All that stigma for so many years was really not required. It was like a contagious nothing, where, nobody wanted to prevent from discriminating. It was all this simple. Not color of your skin, not some deformity, but something very natural. If you can eat 50 rum babas nobody can prevent the sweetness from shooting up. It basically is nothing and has been spoken about from 1967 till 2017, that is a good number of fifty years. DNA???

Thank you.


Green Grains 1

The touch base with the 88 people might just be lucky. Need to move the fat around the waist and this is height of time. Think it is melting with the five minutes on the walker. Beyond this these grains might just about do the trick. Well abhijit da also wanted me to do away with ten kilograms of weight. He said that the pancreas have been used for the years, so going slow will help. But beyond that swimming and something more vigorous could be very useful. In the end it is to take care of metabolism and that can be kick started using some “not so tiring” sweating.

The Subject Chemistry

In college the chemistry that one learns was never taught in school.

Organic Chemistry
The first semester and the courses start. Firstly you have to choose your own tutor. Then when you go to attend the class full of very intelligent students, you find the pace is quite fast. These girls look much more intelligent and are speaking in a strange language. If you ask them they speak your language, English, but you feel shy to ask them. The thick organic chemistry book cannot be used for anything but to be used as a pillow. The unit test for ten marks and you cannot answer a single question. Firstly drawing those strange structures with H and O is not clear. Then the equations or whatever questions that where there are totally strange to you. Then comes, the tutor with the corrected papers and nothing but 0 or ½ marks is what you got. The other subjects were perhaps linear algebra, but nowhere close to the algebra you, had done in school. The physics bit was something to do with particle physics, maybe, cannot remember. The group with whom you went to celebrate birthdays were quite and very affectionate. You keep going and meeting them but do not tell them that you need their attention in chemistry for sure, where you are unable to start your score. You eat magi, talk, and go back to the hostel. You go to see movies with this senior group and again perhaps even do not get the story. You have been scared out of your wits.

Graduation and the Merits

College life is fun and full of good experiences.

I had heard about BITS Pilani from my childhood. The admission was a surprise as very high marks are required. While in Pilani, it was a very strange kind of stay, due to communication problems. The general language was Tamil and Telugu. People did not speak Hindi as they were mostly from the South. This created much problems for most of the students. The course was unstructured. If you knew seniors and your batch mates helped, then you were lucky. If you were the quiet types, then probably you had gone there to waste your time. This I had been told outside, at the IIT Delhi campus, yet I wanted to pass out of BITS. The short stay of four years was mostly lonely and unproductive. I was involved with the badminton team, as the girls captain. The badminton boys captain was also Hindi speaking, and hence maybe I was allowed to be in the team. The girls team took part in the sports meet, and also in the regular practise sessions. Before going to BITS I was actively into stage shows, dance, group singing, and some level of art. But in Pilani one was forced to stay away from all kinds of such activity, due to the communication medium being non-English. It was as if we had gone to the state of Rajasthan to be ragged and to waste our four precious years, while “we had to study for a degree”. Luckily I had heard this before, in Delhi.


Racism and groups if they can go, it will be a wonderful world. Many of the attacked are usually doing good work, and maybe jealousy can be the reason for the attacks. However for a country to learn to be non-racist is a big goal. If they can do something, it will benefit, even the people, and the tourists, Bizness visitors, and interstates too. “We often class behavior of people as racism and then end our discussion”, and this probably is correct. It’s in the blood.


Early morning Bamera walks from the grass towards the road.

On this day Bemara was around in the tall grass. People were generally waiting, in case he would come out of the grass. After a wait of forty-five minutes, he stands up and starts walking towards the road. Meanwhile there was a small patch of water, through which he would appear on the road, and maybe cross over towards the hill on the right side. The scene was dramatical. Reports said that Bamera was unwell, and might be seen eating grass. In a short while, we did see Bamera having some grass. This is a natural way of a tiger to cure himself. Eating grass and throwing up, are natural cures for the tiger. Thereafter, he crossed behind our jeep. Click the link to see the short video.