Green Book

All the Missing Girls tells a story about college life and thereafter..


Have just finished reading All the Missing Girls. Well Veeresh did recommend his blabber on the kindle, but i did not bother to read his stuff. Now this one “All the Missing Girls” i did get a recommend on twitter. Just felt like, was a good read. I downloaded the kindle book on an ipad. The ipad had received no attention prior to this book. It was bought for those international conferences on digital. Thereafter it just lay pushed in a corner. The guys have read three or four kindle books. I am surprised at the pace. I started Sunday and finished Wednesday, a few minutes ago. I do not remember reading a story book in the past. This is out of laziness. Have several story books, acquired from flip-kart and amazon. From the local book stores too, many books arrive.

The pace of reading on a device, ipad or others might be faster. Towards the end they have said 5.5 hours of reading. This was it, over the past four days. So digitally one can pace quite fast. Now for the next one from the same series. They have a collection of seven and they are to be recommended.

Author: preetlamba

Completely computer savvy and into capture while the space is there...

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