Graduation and the Merits

College life is fun and full of good experiences.


I had heard about BITS Pilani from my childhood. The admission was a surprise as very high marks are required. While in Pilani, it was a very strange kind of stay, due to communication problems. The general language was Tamil and Telugu. People did not speak Hindi as they were mostly from the South. This created much problems for most of the students. The course was unstructured. If you knew seniors and your batch mates helped, then you were lucky. If you were the quiet types, then probably you had gone there to waste your time. This I had been told outside, at the IIT Delhi campus, yet I wanted to pass out of BITS. The short stay of four years was mostly lonely and unproductive. I was involved with the badminton team, as the girls captain. The badminton boys captain was also Hindi speaking, and hence maybe I was allowed to be in the team. The girls team took part in the sports meet, and also in the regular practise sessions. Before going to BITS I was actively into stage shows, dance, group singing, and some level of art. But in Pilani one was forced to stay away from all kinds of such activity, due to the communication medium being non-English. It was as if we had gone to the state of Rajasthan to be ragged and to waste our four precious years, while “we had to study for a degree”. Luckily I had heard this before, in Delhi.

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