The Subject Chemistry

In college the chemistry that one learns was never taught in school.


Organic Chemistry
The first semester and the courses start. Firstly you have to choose your own tutor. Then when you go to attend the class full of very intelligent students, you find the pace is quite fast. These girls look much more intelligent and are speaking in a strange language. If you ask them they speak your language, English, but you feel shy to ask them. The thick organic chemistry book cannot be used for anything but to be used as a pillow. The unit test for ten marks and you cannot answer a single question. Firstly drawing those strange structures with H and O is not clear. Then the equations or whatever questions that where there are totally strange to you. Then comes, the tutor with the corrected papers and nothing but 0 or ½ marks is what you got. The other subjects were perhaps linear algebra, but nowhere close to the algebra you, had done in school. The physics bit was something to do with particle physics, maybe, cannot remember. The group with whom you went to celebrate birthdays were quite and very affectionate. You keep going and meeting them but do not tell them that you need their attention in chemistry for sure, where you are unable to start your score. You eat magi, talk, and go back to the hostel. You go to see movies with this senior group and again perhaps even do not get the story. You have been scared out of your wits.

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