60 Days to Go

Now that I had been found, they did not know how to tackle me. Firstly I had been declared missing and so this conversion from missing to not so missing was a tactically difficult one. Meanwhile, I had great fun talking to people, and they were unable to connect to me after 30 years. The last few years I had not bothered to look at anyone, and hence had forgotten their looks.

I would talk to people using their full names, but it seems they were to be referred to using nick names. Some I thought are good fb friends, but did not remember them from college. The boys were patient, but the girls were outright shocked, at the talkative person, rather an aggressive, and outwardly mobile person that I had turned into. Photos were being shared, and memories being made. This was really very exciting.

Some had gone bald, and some had greyed. People were unable to decide what to talk about to each other. Now the next few months were taken up with remaining connected using facebook, twitter, and linkedin. The numbers had to be increased everywhere, as if we had to show our popularity, which was quite pseudo to all.8


Author: preetlamba

Completely computer savvy and into capture while the space is there...

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