Absolutely in a different level now, with so many activities. I am waiting to hug dotsie and play with here and her ball. Probably after the cats, I should be comfortable with her. Wonder what they have done with her babies, are they there, or have they gone to other homes. I wish a few of them are there, as they will be little, and easier to handle.

With so few safaris, wonder what we are going to see. The dust and sharp sun looks so interesting and inviting. The past year from the middle of January till now, doing my dual degree year, was really interesting. There were those special days when all that had been proved, had to be disproved. But, this is what they taught us logically, in the third year. So I thought every argument required a proof or a disprove. Did not learn, any better there. Hope we get one of those elephant rides. The jumping over the edge of the bridge, almost falling into the ravine, is fun. Slipping down the elephant almost near the royal Bengal, and then being lifted by the trunk of the elephant, onto the elephant back, is awesome. So long forget all the fights and prove and disprove arguments with batch. It is only a batch process, and will pass soon. Now for the dude, with a cap, jungle, jungle cottages, safaris, gypsy, and snake walks. The moo cows across the resort edge are so lovable. Not to forget the owls and the numerous temples. We can do the Ramayana prayer to invoke the tigers. First guess need to get up and go for the aarti tomorrow, after a bath. Just waiting to breathe the fresh air full of happiness in the jungle. Here we come. Can almost hear the calls, and they will be fun.


Author: preetlamba

Completely computer savvy and into capture while the space is there...

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