Tour Operators

While doing a booking do take a careful look personally at the website, and do bookings directly, to save..


The new age tour operators can be a tricky business. They can promise something and deliver something else. This is specially true in India where they are not so regulated. Yatra, tripadvisor, your local tour agent all are the same. This has happened to a group of 300, and they did contract signing and agreements six months in advance, for a two night booking. Obviously the working people, with day jobs, and little time to think. Now they are having to use three to a washroom, and many to a room, at a very senior level. This should have not been encouraged, and should or could be avoided. Friends meeting each other is fine, but comfort levels also have to be looked in. It is not as if online business will go on for ever, and this kind of upheaval is disturbing to everyone. People have earned too much based on others, college-mates, and hence become careless. Rethinking is required and we need to be a bit more cautious while giving in India.

Disclaimer: This is the writers view and not a company or group view. As a blogger this is another kind of blog created on dissatisfaction. The blogger is a traveller, does bookings online, but personally with the website, and not through any intermediary, and hence is giving a personal view.

Author: preetlamba

Completely computer savvy and into capture while the space is there...

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