O2 and Me

Like the different colors of this lake at different times of the day.



Early morning Bamera walks from the grass towards the road.

On this day Bemara was around in the tall grass. People were generally waiting, in case he would come out of the grass. After a wait of forty-five minutes, he stands up and starts walking towards the road. Meanwhile there was a small patch of water, through which he would appear on the road, and maybe cross over towards the hill on the right side. The scene was dramatical. Reports said that Bamera was unwell, and might be seen eating grass. In a short while, we did see Bamera having some grass. This is a natural way of a tiger to cure himself. Eating grass and throwing up, are natural cures for the tiger. Thereafter, he crossed behind our jeep. Click the link to see the short video.

Cold Green Weather

It was a cold evening. Two guys drove us to see an apartment. These were the days of house hunting. The house was seen, we came back to R’s place. Heating was using burners, perhaps the garden looked big, and the outside was just too cold. R had some real goodies in her microwave. The onion bhajis were the best I have had. And the cumin powder in those onion bhajis was so fresh and soothing. It was generally cold, in November, and I was totally scared of the approaching weather. Must be we had tea with those awesome onion bhajis. Thank you, R for them. Wish had accepted then the prospect of being in the same neighborhood. But, I had to be in N’s neighborhood, and with the Fish and chips just down the lane, with the church besides. That was the most awesome time. All that was so confusing then, was the best part of being with, R and N. R might have the picture, I don’t. R you know who you are with the freshly grounded cumin powder. Now mostly lost in tigers. Can we have a repeat?