Cyber Security: Tough One

Companies must engage in some sort of mapping of their technologies to gain this understanding – and that means not just your network, but your cloud, containers and your entire enterprise environment.


Deafferentation; Nature Walks

The state of having an incomplete afferent connection with the central nervous system. So pop the P15 into your mouth two times a day, keeping levels below 6. This will have to be accompanied with all the flab going and lighter person. No doubts all the aunties and uncles with weight, lost it. What a genius? And the liquor chocolates with cherry inside, do they go in the bin. Life is tough and do try to bring in a balance. So it is injury of spinal cord and diabetes which lead to, no feedback going back to the brain. This is asking for too much. But then the stress and trauma are not really the reason, other than eating without control, and putting on weight. And deafferentation is the disconnection of a motor nerve from sensory components by severing the dorsal root central to the dorsal ganglion.

All that stigma for so many years was really not required. It was like a contagious nothing, where, nobody wanted to prevent from discriminating. It was all this simple. Not color of your skin, not some deformity, but something very natural. If you can eat 50 rum babas nobody can prevent the sweetness from shooting up. It basically is nothing and has been spoken about from 1967 till 2017, that is a good number of fifty years. DNA???

Thank you.

Green Grains 1

The touch base with the 88 people might just be lucky. Need to move the fat around the waist and this is height of time. Think it is melting with the five minutes on the walker. Beyond this these grains might just about do the trick. Well abhijit da also wanted me to do away with ten kilograms of weight. He said that the pancreas have been used for the years, so going slow will help. But beyond that swimming and something more vigorous could be very useful. In the end it is to take care of metabolism and that can be kick started using some “not so tiring” sweating.